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" I remember when..."  now you fill in the blanks.

Forty years of being in business has brought us a lot of joy and stories.  

I found some funny hotel regulations and guest guidelines that were in vogue around the turn of the century.  The ones listed below were found at Highland Resort in North Truro which is now part of Highland Light Museum.  (Check it out when your on the Cape.)  I find the bluntness refreshing if not a bit sarcastic. See which ones you have violated on the past couple of vacations.

  • Don't wear heavy clothing or fashionable silks at the sea shore.  Wear comfortable clothes and you will be correspondingly happy.

  • Don't try to beat the hotel keeper and don't think he is trying to beat you; he is just as anxious to have your vacation a pleasant one a you are to enjoy it.

  • Don't go to a mountain or seashore resort on a hot midsummer day, dusty, weary and hungry and immediately rush out over the country in an effort to see how miserable you can make yourself.  Rest, dine and spend at least a day in taking in the situation.

  • Don't blame the heat and the cold and every evil under the sun on the hotel keeper.

  • Don't be selfish, there are other people in the world besides ourselves.

  • don't engage in rooms at a summer hotel and at the last moment write that you cannot come, hotel managers are only human.

  • Don't in departing leave any of your things.

  • Don't expect free rides to and from the station to meet friends or to see them off.

  • Don't be exclusive

  • Don't fuss

  • Don't arrive at a strange hotel after dark if you can avoid it.

  • don't go to a summer hotel in mid August for a week's stay and expect to find the best rooms in the house awaiting you.

Here are some pictures to take you back a bit. Some date back in the 60's before we purchased the Corsair.  Others are from the 70's and 80's.  Recognize some of the guests or staff members in these pictures?  Send us yours (and your stories) and we'll put them up for all to see.  (If you find a picture of yourself here and want it taken down please let me know.)


Do you recognize any of these people from our Spring Fling in 1991?



                                                                                                                                                     The Lobby and my shortie shorts in the late 80's! 


A fire left a lot of smoke damage when an employee through a blanket over a heater unit when we were trying to get the building open for the season.   


The Cross Rip Oceanfront kitchens - a modern convenience!

              Boy, does this sign need a little work.

                 Two famous housekeepers that retired.  Know who they are?                                                                                           Mom never looked better! Suit fashions in the 70's                                                         


 .Ok, the 90's were a little different for Mom.

 Postcards from before our time.  The pictures was taken in the 60's.  Do you think the guests by the pool were posing?


            The Corsair pool was fenced-in when the law came into effect to protect children.                                                  The Corsair sitting rooms once were porches.  That multicolor feature was quite the attraction.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Under construction for the bow fronts added to the oceanfront rooms.



Check us out in a couple of weeks for more pictures.  Don't forget to send your favorites in or send us your story to post.  

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