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Our Five Favorite Bakeries on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is SO much more than just lobster rolls and clam shacks! In fact, in our opinion, some of the best bakeries in Massachusetts are located right here on Cape Cod! There are too many to list in one post here, so we are going to cover five of our favorites, from the Upper Cape to the Outer Cape!

Bonatt's Bakery - Harwich Port
Yes, we've covered them before, but with their legendary melt-a-ways, how can we not! These buttery, flaky treasures literally melt in your mouth and are a cross between a croissant, danish and are what started it all. We've been eating them for years, and still can't figure out what the secret recipe is! Stop by and grab a half dozen on your way out to the National Seashore for the day.

Buckie's Biscotti - Dennis Port
Known for their fresh baked biscottis (who would have guessed!), Buckie's is a great option for breakfast and lunch and is just around the corner from the resort. Stop in for a full selection of breakfast goodies, lunch paninis, wraps, cannoli and cappuccino!

PB Boulangerie & Bistro - Wellfleet
What can we write about PB that hasn't already been written? Their tasty bakery creations range from pastries to fresh baked french breads of every variety, and their attached fine dining restaurant is one of the best on the Cape! Part bakery, part bistro and 100% delicious - bring your appetite and make a reservation. It's the perfect stop on the way back from Provincetown or after an afternoon of wine tasting at Truro Vineyards.

Washashore Bakery - Mashpee Commons
If you're on the Upper Cape for the day, make a point to stop by Washashore Bakery in Mashpee Commons! Known for their 'sandbars' - think homemade fig newton, home made pop tarts, sticky buns, scones and other delicacies, Washashore is definitely worth the pit stop on the way back to the resort. They're new - only in their second season - and we're excited to see what else they can come up with in the future.

Woolfie's Bakery - Dennis Port
We promised you that one of these bakeries was going to be right around the corner from the resort. What we didn't mention is that they have some of the best blueberry muffins around! Make sure you get here early, and get here soon, as they only stay open through Columbus Day! They also bake their own breads for their breakfast sandwiches. Located just a mile from the resort, it's a short bike ride or a leisurely walk out to Lower County Road.

Posted on 25 August 2017 | 4:34 pm

A Corsair and Cross Rip Love Story

Last month, we asked you to submit your favorite Corsair and Cross Rip memories on our Facebook page so we can share it in a future newsletter. Well, over 20 of you responded and we want to tell you the story of John Frisch and his wife, who got engaged, married and vacation every year with us at the resort! They have been staying with us for 14 years and our staff is (literally) a part of their lives, as they helped John propose! 

When my wife and I were still dating I discovered she had never been to Cape Cod. I had been there a few times and knew she would fall in love with the Cape. I began looking online for the perfect place to stay and stumbled upon the Corsair and Crossrip.

Always leery about finding a new place on the internet, the Corsair website described the place I was looking for. When we arrived it was better than we expected. The staff went out of their way to make you feel at home. The private beach was 30 seconds away. There were two pools and an indoor pool. The office area had a ton of games and DVDs to select from. Local restaurants were nearby. AND they had cookies and lemonade every day at 2!What more could we ask for?

As we walked along the beach, I kept my hand in my pocket, afraid I was going to lose the engagement ring. When we got closer to the Corsair my future wife looked over at ‘our spot’ on the beach and made a comment about a table set for two on the beach. On the table was a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne with two glasses, and one red rose in a vase. My wife poked me and said, “Why can’t you ever be that romantic?”

In 2010 I knew it was time to propose to my partner. With some help (okay, a lot of help) from the staff, I was able to pull off a pretty good proposal. We arrived for a long weekend in September. When we arrived that Friday afternoon the plan went into action. I told the staff member we were going for a stroll on the beach and she should start setting everything up.

We walked up to the table with my wife in front of me. She continued to make comments about how nice the table looked. Suddenly from up on the deck came the sounds of Elvis, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love,’ our song (thanks again to the staff!). My wife turned around and saw me on one knee and started crying. Fortunately for me, she said yes.

The Cape and the Corsair mean a lot to us so it was a no brainer to have the wedding there. We rented the Commodore House for a November wedding. We had our ceremony on the deck and celebrated at the house with friends and family.

This summer will be our 14th summer at the Corsair. We can’t imagine spending our time on Cape Cod anywhere else. The staff treats us like family! 

Posted on 27 July 2017 | 6:03 pm

Five Tips To Navigate Cape Cod Like a Pro

Whether it’s your first trip to Cape Cod or your fortieth, you could always use a few good tips on getting around, finding new things to do and new places to eat! We’re here to help with this list of five super-easy tips you can learn to help you navigate the Cape like a pro!

1.) Ditch the Car and Grab a Bike!

While you will still need a car to get to see much of the Cape, exploring by bike is a great way to get a ground-level view of the Cape and to explore our beautiful back roads, scenic byways and bike trails. The Rail Trail expansion into Yarmouth is nearly complete, and the Cape Cod Canal bike path and the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth are all leisurely bike trips up and down the Cape. Both the rail trail and the Shining Sea Bikeway pass a variety of eateries and shops so you can plan out your day and go car-less for lunch or dinner! While you’re at it, pop off the trails and ride down the back roads and explore the Cape’s hidden ponds, beaches and beautiful sections of forest. Need a tip on where to go? Our front desk is always happy to help!

2.) Head to the Popular Spots at Weird Times

Parking at our region’s best beaches, especially famous ones like Coast Guard Beach in Eastham and Mayflower in Dennis, can be a bear during the peak summer months. The easy way to get around this is to head out at weird times - early in the morning (we’re talking pre 9AM) or late in the afternoon, after 4 PM one the crowds start leaving the beach for dinner. Pair a morning beach trip with a late lunch or a late afternoon beach trip with a late dinner (easier to get reservations & shorter lines) and increase your enjoyment and lower your stress!

3.) Make Time To Relax

While it’s tempting to try and jam everything into the few days you spend with us, make sure you make some time to relax and unwind on your vacation! Grab a book and save yourself a spot on your favorite beach, sleep in and book a spa treatment (we can point you to some good ones) or plan a lazy afternoon shopping…just make sure you do something to let yourself unwind! 

4.) Rent a Kayak

It’s amazing how your perspective changes on the water! While it can be expensive to rent a boat for a day, renting a kayak is an easy and budget-friendly way to get a new look at a place you’ve already seen 100 times. Put in on the Bass River and paddle past alcoves, docks and houses you’ve never noticed before. You’ll also get an up close and personal look at wildlife that you just can’t get from a car! The Cape’s numerous ponds and small rivers are ripe for a day spent paddling…and you can even head out to some of the gentler spots on the ocean.

5.) If You See Something Interesting…Stop!

Some of the best memories on Cape Cod are the ones that you don’t plan on making. So if you’re driving up route 6A, or 28, or one of our many other roads and see something that piques your interest, stop and explore it! You never know what you might find when you don’t know what you’re looking for!

Posted on 20 June 2017 | 11:47 pm

Why We Love Fall on Cape Cod

Summer is always going to be the signature time to visit Cape Cod, but over the last 20 years, and especially the last 5, September and October have been gearing up to give summer a run for its money! Though the mornings and evenings are definitely sweatshirt weather here at the Corsair and Cross Rip, we've been seeing more and more people booking through September and have started staying open later and later into October each year. Why are so many people choosing the late “shoulder season” to stay? We decided to do a little research and figure it out:

1.) Smaller Crowds
Almost as if on cue, the crowds and traffic start to thin out immediately after Labor Day. With shorter lines at popular restaurants, faster travel times up and down Route 6 and in many cases, no more beach stickers needed for parking, the fall is definitely the time for those that truly love Cape Cod. If you want to spend some time trying a new beach, exploring the miles and miles of conservation lands and trails across Cape Cod or trying the hottest new restaurant in town, take a weekend and come down to Cape Cod! We suggest sleeping in, heading for one of our area's wonderful brunches (many add them specially for the fall!) and hitting Mayflower Beach a little after midday. Try and time your arrival for low tide, where you can walk for almost a mile collecting sand dollars and marveling at the tidal fluctuations. Wrap your day up with some dinner at Fin, one of the Cape’s most cutting edge restaurants, located right next to the Cape Cinema. Head back to the resort, throw on a sweatshirt and look up at the stars from our private beach. Chances are, you may have the beach to yourself! The National Seashore is also worth a visit in the fall, especially during the late afternoon and sunset hours, as you can see vistas and hues you just don’t see during the summer months. If you’v got a little extra gas left in the tank, head up to Provincetown and experience the town in a different way! With no crowds, you’ll be able to pop in and out of Commercial Street’s best shops and cafés all day long, and don’t forget to take advantage of their SALES!

2.) Fall Festivals
Think there’s nothing to do on Cape Cod once it gets to cold to sit on the beach? Think again! Fall is when we throw our parties here on Cape Cod. We’ll find an excuse to celebrate anything, from the Truro Agricultural Fair to the Eastham Turnip Festival, up the cape to the Scallop Fest, back down the Cape for the Cranberry Festival, back to Falmouth for the Cape Cod Brew Fest and last but not least, to Wellfleet for the incredible Wellfleet Oyster Festival. Basically, we’ll find any excuse to throw a party! These festivals have grown year after year and include some of the best food, music, drink and artists and crafters from around the region. If you had been looking for a reason to try one of our incredible fall rates to come back to the peninsula, you could do worse than planning a weekend around one of our many festivals. They’re a great chance to blend in and hobnob with the locals - we’re a fun crowd!

If you’re looking for dates, info and other useful items, give our front desk a call, they’d be happy to help! We recommend getting to the festivals early for great parking and, if you plan to partake in some adult refreshments, book a taxi or an Uber back to the hotel. 

3.) Deals, Deals, Deals Everywhere!
If you’ve ever dreamed of spending the day at one of our region’s premier spas, taking a tip over to the islands to take in the clay cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard or the cobblestone streets of Nantucket, the time to do it is now! Many places, us included, offer incredible offseason rates that are often 1/4-1/2 what the same deal would run peak season. Amenities closed to the public during the season - like the Chatham Bars Inn spa - are often open to visitors during this time of the year, allowing you to spend a day in the lap of luxury at reduced rates. Both islands are virtually deserted by the last weekend in September, leaving you time to explore at your own pace and catch the last ferry home. Our Cape Explore package, offered through October 17th, offers two round trip ferry tickets to either island along with Deluxe or Superior accommodations and a host of other amenities including a cold breakfast buffet, guided Bass River cruises and more for under $400/family for a three nights stay.

4.) Food!
If you thought we could make it through a blog post or e-newsletter without talking about food…well you were wrong. Many area restaurants are starting to roll out their fall menus, featuring items such as pumpkin, brussel sprouts, hearty root vegetables, fresh bay scallops, short ribs and other delicious, hearty meals. With the smaller crowds, Cape Cod’s chefs tend to flex their culinary muscles, taking more chances and delivering some memorable meals, often at a prix fixe or reduced rate over what they would be during the summer! Tasting menus, wine dinners and tapas start popping up everywhere and as locals, we just can’t get enough of them. Our neighbors at the Ocean House are putting the finishing touches on the first of their fall menus and with some of the best sunsets around, it’s hard to beat. Blackfish, the Brewster Fish House, the Oyster Company and other restaurants from Bourne to Provincetown are rolling out the culinary welcome mat for diners. Our advice? Spend the day out doors or exploring a museum (give the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History a shot) then hop on TripAdvisor or Google to find the closest restaurant that suits your fancy. With Cape Cod’s booming culinary scene, it’s hard to go wrong!

If any of these gets you excited, give us a call! We’d love to host you. We’re open through at least October 17th this year so come on down and enjoy the shoulder season.

Posted on 15 September 2015 | 2:37 pm

Five Reasons to Book our Wine, Dine and the Arts Package

Ever wanted play hooky on work and just get away for a couple days during the week?

Us too! 

In fact, we're fully in favor of it, as long as you're staying at the Corsair and Cross Rip. We know that the weekends can get crowded here on Cape Cod, and with a limited time available, you can only do so much. That usually turns into hours and hours on the beach and while there's nothing wrong with that, you're missing a lot of what Cape Cod has to offer! Fortunately for you, we're here to help. Our "Wine, Dine and the Arts" package is designed specifically for midweek travelers that want to get a dose of culture along with the sand in their shoes. Here's five reasons you should visit and try this package!

1.) It's Ridiculously Good Price.

This is one of the best deals we will ever offer at the resort. Starting at just $325 complete for two nights before June 13th, or $425 between June 14th and July 2nd, we challenge you to find a better deal anywhere else on Cape Cod! The package starts up again on September 1st for the same price. Not only does this cover two nights accommodations at the resort with a cold breakfast buffet every morning through June 20th (featuring our insanely good coffee cake), it also includes a free wine tasting, dinner gift certificate and a whole lot more. The package is available on the weekends for a little bit extra – give us a call if you’re interested. You couldn't possibly book all of this separately for the price - trust us, we've tried!

Balcony View accommodations when available!

2.) Free Wine Tasting for Two!

If wine is good, free wine is great, right? Enjoy a free tour and free tastings for two at Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod's signature winery just up the street in Truro. They're known for their unique Cabernet Franc and Vignoles varieties, as well as several other wines you won't be able to find anywhere else. Their gift shop includes great kitchen gadgets, cooking stuff (spice mixes, olive oils, etc) and, of course, wine! It's a great pit stop on your way to or from destinations on the Outer Cape, including Highland Light (did we mention a free tour of the lighthouse AND museum is included), Provincetown and the incredible beaches of the National Seashore. 

Wine on the vine!

Their retail store has great kitchen products...and wine!

Shelves are stocked with products from other local Cape companies.

Loved this wine rack so much we bought it!

3.) You Get to Feel Like a VIP at the Theatre

We told you there was culture in this package! Each package includes two tickets to the latest production at the Cape Rep Theatre in Brewster. Use the tickets to catch the latest show on stage. The Cape Rep Theatre is a professional theatre company, meaning you're going to see some seriously awesome performers on stage. Their current production is the first ever off-Broadway production of Jerusalem. Trust us when we say, you're in for a treat! Since the tickets are included in your package, there's no need to wait at the box office and no worrying that the tickets will be sold out. Simply show up and enjoy the show!

4.) Tour the Cape Cod Museum of Art at Your Leisure

If you haven't been to the Cape Cod Museum of Art yet, we suggest you book this package and come visit. One of the more unique art museums in the region, every piece of art (or artist) on display at the Cape Cod Museum of Art has to have a connection to Cape Cod. Many works were produced in studios across the Cape from Sandwich to Provincetown. Home to several permanent exhibits, two rotating exhibits and a sculpture hall and garden, this museum is a great way to get away from the beach and enjoy some peace, quiet and art. If it's not a beach day, browse the museum and have a leisurely lunch at Summer Stock, just across the path from the museum. If it's nice out, be sure to stroll the well-maintained grounds and peek into the attached movie theatre to gaze at the marvelously painted walls and murals on the ceiling!

Spring has definitely sprung on the grounds!

5.) We Give You $25 to Spend on Dinner

Yep, it includes a $25 gift certificate dinner at Van Rensselaer in Wellfleet. One of the top rated restaurants in town on Trip Advisor, they have wide-ranging menu featuring great seafood dishes, hearty plates of pasta and what might be the best salad bar on Cape Cod. Conveniently located on Route 6, it's the perfect place to stop after a long day exploring the Outer Cape.The ride back to the Corsair and Cross Rip is just long enough to let you get ready to take a walk on the beach once you get back to the hotel.

Worth the ride, and the calories!

Want to book this package? Give us a call or book it online. For more details, checkout the page here!  

Posted on 28 May 2014 | 8:44 pm

The Surprisingly Interesting History of Dennisport

If you're like many of our customers, you've been coming to Dennisport for years. Whether your parents brought you, a friend got married here or you stumbled onto our sandy shores one fateful night, Dennisport has a way of hooking you in and bringing you back. In the grand scheme of things, the tourism era of Dennisport's history started relatively recently, but the part of town between Route 28 and Nantucket Sound has a rich history dating back to the colonial era. 

The first settlers descended on the land that was to become Dennis and Dennis Port in 1639. As a matter of background, the land that is now Dennis was selected not for its proximity to the ocean, but for its abundance of fresh water ponds and springs. It is estimated that the ponds of Dennis cover at least 450 acres of land, and much of the town's early history is rooted in the usage of this fresh water. Much of the early economy of Dennisport was devoted to agriculture, feeding the townspeople and the surrounding villages of Yarmouth and Harwich. Agriculture remained the primary driver of Dennis' and Dennisport's economy through the early 1800s, bringing wealth and acclaim to many of the early settlers, whose names are still prominent through the town, whether on street signs or whose descendants current business in town.

By the time the Revolutionary War rolled around, Dennis and Dennisport were starting to thrive. Shiverick Shipyard  on Sesuit Harbor and countless other smaller operations up and down Bass River were making majestic sailing ships that would traverse the Boston - England route for many years, and many smaller shipyards were making vessels that worked the waters around Cape Cod moving goods or working the fertile fishing grounds. Raw materials, ship components and sails were shipped north up the Bass River, while completed ships, usually fishing vessels, flowed south down the river and out onto the waters of Nantucket Sound. Dennis-built ships were considered some of the most seaworthy in the world at the time, an impressive accomplishment from an industry that is completely extinct in town these days. In an odd quirk of history, Dennis was the one of the first towns in America to manufacture salt! By 1803, there were 24 different salt works operating in town, with vats totaling more than 19,500 running feet.  

After the War, fishing became the dominant industry of the town, and the Dennisport area benefited greatly. By virtue of its location on Nantucket Sound, Dennisport hauled ashore thousands of tons through the 1800s. You can see this seafaring lineage in the architecture of many of the houses along Chase Ave, Depot Street and other surrounding roads. The "widow's walks" and cupolas along the roofs once served a purpose other than enjoying a cocktail while drinking in a sunset - they were lookouts for sea captain's and sailors' wives to watch for the return of their loved ones. Our Admiral's house was once actually home to a sea captain, and we've incorporated many of these design features into the Captain's and Commodore's houses. At one point, the fishing fleet of Dennis brought in almost 7,000 tons of fish annually, a staggering number for the 18th and 19th centuries. 

The completion of the Cape Cod Central Railroad was the first truly transformative event in the village's history. The Cape Cod Branch Railroad, later the Cape Cod Central Railroad and the Old Colony Railroad, reached the village somewhere around 1863-65, with the "South Dennis" and later the "Bass River" stations opening on Great Western Road and Station Avenue. The railroad served primarily to haul freight out of the village, providing a safe and reliable connection to Boston, Fall River, New Bedford and beyond. Dennisport began to flourish shortly thereafter. Timbers, cranberries and salted fish began being exported out of Dennisport and to the rest of the world faster than ever before. 

The land that is now Chase Avenue was once a large rail yard and shipping pier, the first major real estate development in the region's history. Chase Ave was a hub of commerce, with items being loaded onto ships and railcars, and a constant coming and going of goods and people. The rail yard operated from the 1880s through the early 1900s, and slowly died off during the 1920s and 1930s. If you look at the bottom of the pond in Sea View Park you can see the only visible remnants of this largely forgotten era of Dennisport's history. A map of Dennisport shows the neighborhood's railroading history in the ramrod straight streets that emanate from what is now the Cape Cod Rail Trail and continue down to the beach. It is surprisingly hard to find information on the railroads of Deninsport - neither us nor the town's historians can find any photos of the street while it was used as rail yard.

Dennisport really started to come into its own around World War II. The military buildup all along Cape Cod was ultimately beneficial to every town by bringing in new housing stock and new people, and Dennisport was no different. In the years following WWII, many GIs used their war earnings and GI bill benefits to build cottages all over Dennisport - many of them are still standing and occupied today. The warm-water beaches along Nantucket Sound drew droves of summer visitors, and tourism rapidly became the main driver of Dennisport's economy. Many family-owned cottage communities and hotels sprung up along the beaches, including the precursors to our own. Chase Avenue has one of the highest concentrations of hotels per mile on the Cape, something that hasn't changed to this day. The 1960s were an era of transformative growth in Dennisport, with the village assuming much of its present form. 

Today, many of the family-owned resorts have been sold and transformed into timeshares, though ours has stayed in the same hands since the 1960s. Tourism still drives the economy, though a year-round vibe has begun to take hold in downtown Dennisport with many new shop openings and a new restaurant on seemingly every corner. Perhaps we're on the verge of another era in Dennisport's colorful history - join us and enjoy it!

Posted on 4 March 2014 | 2:29 pm

What's Made on Cape Cod

Made on Cape Cod: Stuff You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Cape Cod is a special place. If you've visited here before, you know that. People come back year after year, generation after generation. It should come as no surprise, then, that there's some special items that you can find only made here on Cape Cod. Visit most other tourist-fueled places, and you'll find shops carrying the same four products no matter where you look. 

Not here on Cape Cod. We're fortunate to have an active and thriving culture of artisans, manufacturers and shop owners making their own unique products. Some of them are even distributed nationally! Many of our guests know about these extraordinary businesses, but there's still a significant number that don't, and we want to help them explore the Cape!

Cape Cod Potato Chips - Probably the most well-known product made on Cape Cod, Cape Cod Potato Chips are easily the best chips you can buy. Kettle cooked right here in Hyannis, you can find their chips in stores around the world. Though they're not owned by a company on Cape Cod anymore, they're still good corporate citizens, sponsoring the repainting of iconic Nauset Light, the lighthouse on every one of their bags and an important part of our history. You can tour the potato chip factory from 9-5, Monday to Friday!

Cape Cod Beer - 10 years ago, Cape Cod finally got its beer. Brewed right here in Hyannis and only available within 50 miles of the brewery in gloriously large growlers and bombers, Cape Cod Beer is fast becoming one of the most well-known and popular made on Cape Cod products. Stop by the brewery for a tour and sample their signature (and delicious) Cape Cod Red. They're always coming out with special limited run and seasonal brews, so you have a reason to come back and visit Cape Cod in the fall and winter!

Cape Cod Bracelets - Guys, get your special someone one of these. A simple design, just a ball on a thin silver band, the Cape Cod Bracelets have become ubiquitous with stylish Cape Cod visitors of any age. You can find these bracelets at most jewelry stores on the Cape, though not all are considered "real" Cape Cod bracelets. Ask at our front desk for directions to the best stores!

Nantucket Bay Scallops - If you think you've had good scallops and you haven't had Bay Scallops, think again. Available for an extremely short window (November - March, but the season is normally over by January), and unable to be harvested if the temperature is below 28 degrees at 10 AM, bay scallops are prized for their sweet and mild taste and ability to be served raw. They're so rare and delicate that they must be hand-harvested, and are often actually shucked boat-side. Their presence alone is a reason to visit the Cape in the offseason and if they're on a menu near you, order them.
bay scallops
Bay Scallops aren't much bigger than a thumb!

Salt Water Taffy - You either love it or you don't! Personally, we all love taffy here at the Corsair and Cross Rip. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't contain any actual salt water, but it's become seaside treat. Originally invented in Atlantic City it's become an adopted favorite of Cape Cod, produced in stores from Sandwich to Provincetown. Look for some of the best at The Mermaid, right next to the skull on Route 28. You can watch it being made, and buy it fresh out of the kitchen!

salt water taffy
Salt water taffy

Crosby Boats - Yes, we're well aware that the vast majority of our readers will never be able to afford one of these beautiful boats, so Crosby Yacht Yard isn't going to become a stop on your next summer vacation. However, we're including them because their custom built boats are simply beautiful pieces of seafaring craftsmanship. Still hand-built in Osterville, Crosby boats are lusted after for their sleek classic designs, durability and stunning lines. You'll find these boats in marinas all over the United States. We can all dream, right?

Wellfleet Oysters - This just might be our personal favorite. The cool, clear waters off Wellfleet make for an ideal environment for growing unusually sweet and succulent oysters, perfect for slurping down raw at any number of raw bars up and down the East Coast. We love them so much here on Cape Cod that we gave these delicious bivalves their own festival every October. Shellfish is once again becoming popular in restaurants everywhere so you can expect to see more and more Wellfleets in your hometown. New oyster farms are starting to pop up in other areas of the Cape like Barnstable, Dennis, Mashpee and other spots.

Did we miss your favorite? Tell us down in the comments!

As usual, we'd love to have you down to visit. Located on 200 feet of private beach in Dennisport, we're convenient to everywhere on this list, and many other spots on Cape Cod. Take advantage of our great seasonal specials to create an awesome, low-stress Cape Cod vacation.

Till next time!

Posted on 20 May 2013 | 7:16 pm

Our Cape Cod Theatre Guide

Try Something New - Plan a Cape Cod Theatre Vacation!

Ok, we'll admit it. One of the main selling points for our resort is that we sit right smack on a private beach here on Cape Cod. Plenty of our guests come and are content to sit out on the beach and only come inside when the sun goes down, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But being the hardy year-rounders we are, we love exploring the Cape and putting together unique ides to show off the great place we live and the great activities that surround us.

A shared passion among Corsair and Cross Rip staff is a love of theatre. We've been pleased to see the expansion of stage shows on Cape Cod over the past 5-10 years and think it adds a great dimension to an already enticing place to vacation. Like much on Cape Cod, each theatre is unique - no cookie cutter centers for the arts here. Depending on the venue, some troupes put on adventurous and unique shows and occasionally one-of-a-kind productions. They range from the classics like Rogers and Hammerstein to the contemporary like Spam-A-Lot.

We're excited to show off some of our favorites. Perhaps you'll join us for dinner and a show? Try our special theatre packages (coming soon!) for a weekend of fun.

The Cape Rep Theatre
Perhaps the best known of the Cape Cod theaters, the Cape Cod Reparatory Theatre (Cape Rep as it's known to the locals) puts on a steady stream of productions - most run for about a month at a time. Unique to Cape Rep is its outdoor theatre open from late June-August. Nestled in the woods on the ocean in Brewster this theatre was home to the kids at Camp Monomoy. The indoor theatre was originally their dining hall! Now the six acre camp is protected by the National Seashore and entrusted to the folks at Cape Rep. Mixing home grown equity and non-equity actors to perform cutting edge contemporary and local written plays, last year's biggest hit, Spam-a-Lot, sold out for ten consecutive weeks!

Cape Playhouse
You could call the Cape Playhouse our local theatre - after all, it's located right here in Dennis. Considered "Broadway on Cape Cod," the Playhouse typically runs a schedule heavy with Broadway favorites old and new. The theater itself is historic to the Cape.  The first summer performances were held in 1927 in this former Unitarian church. Famous for bringing Hollywood to Dennis in the earlier years with such performers as Henry Fonda, Betty Davis, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart and, yes even the likes of William Shatner. This year's showcase brings some old favorites like Hello Dolly. Located on Route 6A, the Playhouse is convenient to most of Dennis' best finer dining establishments, and makes for a great evening out. Stop in to the nearby Scargo Cafe or the Harvest Gallery for a drink and an appetizer before the show and make a night of it!

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre - WHAT
One of the most adventurous theaters on Cape Cod, this 100% equity actor theater was the dream and realization of Julie Harris. Routinely putting on productions that push the envelope creatively, and they've carved out a niche as the theater people's theatre. In recent years, they've expanded beyond theatre to include film, music and opera. Be sure to check their website for upcoming shows and make plans to see a one-of-a-kind production.

Cotuit Center for the Arts
An up-and-coming theatre and overall arts program, the Cotuit Center for the Arts is an inexpensive and culturally rich way to enjoy a night out year round. The CCOA has an extensive theatre schedule with something on stage most nights out of the week, and a vibrant art gallery and art education program for the young and old. The viewing experience at this theatre is unique; The stage is surrounding by a Mezzanine that is used in elaborate scenery to engage the audience on two levels. For $55-$150 a season, an individual or a family can join and get preferred seating options for most shows. Don't worry about eating before hand - some smarty-pants at the Cotuit Center made an alliance with Bleu in Mashpee Commons so the drink and food options at the CCMOA are top notch...and buying a table's worth of tickets (four) includes a bottle of wine.

Monomoy Theatre - Chatham
Located near downtown Chatham, the Monomoy theatre puts on high-quality productions of many well-known theatre standards. The Monomoy has partnerships with Ohio University and the University of Hartford, meaning many upcoming young theatre students pass through the Monomoy on their way to their careers. Since it's located so close to Chatham's bustling main drag, it's super-easy to have a great meal and catch a show in the same evening.

Academy of Performing Arts - Cape Cod
The APA on Cape is a hybrid theatre school and playhouse, offering the opportunity for theatre students to put their shows up on stage in front of a packed house night in and night out. They put on an eclectic mix of shows, with some avant-garde style shows mixed in with theatre standards and old favorites. Check out the building - it's a historic converted town hall!

Provincetown Theaters
The story is not complete without homage paid to the many small theaters that can be found in and around Provincetown.  The town's theatre scene is anchored by a new year round facility just on the outskirts called (What else!) the Provincetown Theater.  You will find summer performances in the Unitarian church, The Art House (reconverted movie theater), Post Office Café, The Crown and Anchor Theater and, not to forget, the roving theaters that take place almost anywhere each week.  Provincetown has more shows in one block than all of Cape Cod. There is theater for every taste from the risqué performances of the Broadway hit Naked Boys Singing to the one person shows with performers like Margaret Chow or Leslie Jordan.  (Often times Provincetown is used for a test ground to hone their skills before taking the act to Broadway or HBO).

No matter which theatre you choose, you're supporting a great cause and advancing the arts here on Cape Cod. We're so much more than beaches, and we're more than happy to help show it all to you. If you're a member of a local theatre group or just someone interested in bringing a group of friends down to check out a show, give us a call. We'd be more than happy to put together a special midweek Cape Cod vacation package for you and go about securing your tickets!

'Til next time!

Posted on 15 April 2013 | 5:35 pm

April Vacation on Cape Cod

Explore Cape Cod for April Vacation!

Leave Florida to the rookies - go to the Cape with those in the know!

April Vacation is right around the corner. Hard to believe, but it's officially spring now in the Northeast, and that means the kids are going to be home from school for a week - again. This means endless squabbles over XBox controllers, desperate attempts to get the kids to go outside and one too many trips to a cookie-cutter "family friendly"restaurant.

Fear not. We're here to help. Pack the car and take a trip down to Cape Cod! Seriously! Ok, so you'll likely have to wear a sweatshirt outside and only the craziest 12 year old would go swimming in the North Atlantic in April, but trust us - there's plenty of other unique and fun activities to do and explore. Use our hotel as your home base - we have a heated indoor pool, large game room and enough free pizza and popcorn every day to keep the rambunctious ones fed while you enjoy the sea breeze and quiet of Dennisport. We've also assembled a list of things to do and sites to see when you've tired of the pool.

pool with kids

- The Zooquarium is located a short ride up Route 28 from the resort. One of the more unusual animal attractions you'll ever see, the Zooquarium combines local and exotic water creature exhibits with an outdoor area showing local wildlife and plant features. The staff gives frequent educational talks and up-close encounters with many of the animals and sea creatures. Look for the big fiberglass bear!


- The Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis hosts walk-in events all week including a touch tank with local wildlife, "Make a fish buoy" on April 18 and a seashell search at their indoor beach on April 19. Located a short distance from downtown, there's ample options for shopping and eating after your visit to the museum. During the day, the BBC downtown is a kid-friendly establishment, with a wide variety of pizzas and sandwiches (and a great selection of craft beers for the adults).

- Just a short trip up the road in Harwich, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is hosting a shark week all vacation long. Discovery Channel's Shark Week is one of the most popular features on television - this is the real life equivalent. The CCMNH does a fantastic job with their exhibits, and is worth visiting again in the summer months.

- If you're lucky enough to get to Cape Cod on Sunday April 15, stop by Heritage Museum and Gardens for their "Start Your Engines" scavenger hunt event, a delight to car-obsessed kids (and grown ups!). If you've never been to Heritage before, their classic car collection is a must-see, as are their beautiful grounds and other exhibits.  

- Goat hikes on Tuesday April 16 at the Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in Barnstable. Where else can you do this?

- Kids eat free Tuesday April 16 at Unos in Hyannis, and all Ardeo's locations are offering "kids eat free" with an adult entre all week! Although the Cape is busier in the shoulder seasons now than it's ever been, many establishments will do whatever it takes to get your business, and area restaurants are no exception. Check their Facebook pages for updates and last minute specials. 
- Mini golf. Swing a putter anywhere on Cape Cod and you'll hit a mini-golf course. It's the perfect vacation activity; the kids are active outside, it's fun for mom and dad and there's usually ice cream at the end. Check Google and local websites to make sure your favorite course is open - many of the larger ones are, but do it just to be safe!

Have we convinced you to visit Cape Cod for April Vacation yet? While you're going to pay a premium at any of the Florida resorts, our packages start at $79 a night and includes almost everything: breakfast every morning, mini golf, movie tickets, daily pizza parties and a $25 dinner gift certificate to Ardeo included. Come see us!

'Til next time!

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What Does It Take to get our Cape Cod Resort Open?

Our Hard-Working Staff Gets the Corsair and Cross Rip Ready For Spring

As many of our readers know, we close the resort for the off-season in October re-open in April. But that doesn't mean we're totally shut down! Other than an annually awesome staff party (This year they went mini-golfing and did the Cape Cod dinner train on Mark's dime. Thanks boss!) and a couple trips here and there to Arizona (Judith), the Caribbean (Mark), we're all at work year-round making improvements to the resort and making sure our friends come back to visit us each spring and summer.

Though we know our guests appreciate the hard work our staff puts in every summer, we wanted to give everyone an inside peek at what it takes to put the resort back together to open each spring. With four houses and two resort buildings to bring back online and an entire staff to hire, it's a daunting task!

Paint, Plumbing and Problem Solving 

The physical plant of the resort is largely the domain of one man in the offseason: our maintenance guru Rob. He's a master of all trades: plumbing, carpentry, electrical repairs and general crisis management. 

First on Rob's list is to open and test all the plumbing to the Corsair building. The water is shut off in the winter to prevent any mishaps with frozen pipes or leakage. Nothing can go forward until each room has its sinks, toilets and tubs opened, tested and repaired. Our fingers are crossed - we haven't had any major issues in the last few years, and hope to keep it that way. Adding to Rob's already full plate are the renovations of six Corsair bathrooms and kitchenettes - new tile, tubs, toilets, sinks and kitchen appliances all have to be framed for and installed. Every year it's something!

New tubs are going into 6 Corsair rooms. You can see the disconnected plumbing at right

Next, the rooms receive touch-up paint and some minor repairs to walls, baseboards and trim. We've had our crazy experiences at the hotel, but the guests are normally very respectful of the building so the repairs are nothing out of the ordinary, and usually go unnoticed but not unappreciated. It's a testament to the staff that the buildings are kept in such great shape, and that they somehow always manage balancing renovations with normal TLC. 

Outside, the pools at the Corsair and the Cross Rip have to be drained of any offseason rainwater, checked for major issues, repainted, have heaters and pumps reconnected, filled, chlorinated and pH balanced. The same process is repeated with all hot tubs later in the season. Just before opening weekend, the outdoor furniture is brought back outside, cleaned and readied for guests.

Hot tub covered. Inside, the plumbing, machinery and chemicals are disconnected and moved for the season.

Finally, the indoor furniture and TVs all return from winter storage and are put back in the rooms just before the resort opens. Housekeeping takes care of the linens and other goodies, and the Corsair building itself is ready to go! A couple weeks later, the process is repeated for the Cross Rip and that building is opened as well.

cape cod beach
At least Mother Nature helped and added some beach!

Recruiting Staff, Returning Guests, Reservation Rodeo

If you've stayed with us before, you've almost certainly met Judith and Sapphire. They're with us all year round - ordering supplies, following up with guests, double checking reservations and booking groups - basically everything. Since cloning is illegal, we're have to hire seasonal help to run housekeeping and the front of the desk. 

The staff is largely recruited and hired by the end of the previous year. By December our new housekeepers and desk staff have all been interviewed and had arrangements made if they're coming to America on a work or student visa. In the past, we've had students from Eastern Europe, Jamaica, South Africa and Russia work at the resort, native Cape Codders and more. Most of the international staff arrives by the end of May - those already in the U.S. are on-site by April 1 to help open the resort for the season. This year, we're planning on having 4 returning housekeepers, two rookies and two new front desk staffers. 

Preparations for opening weekend begin in earnest in the next couple weeks. Stationary, brochures and rate sheets have already been ordered, and Sapphire and Judith will start sending out last-minute newsletters and reminders up until opening weekend. Food for the breakfast nook, office supplies, t-shirts and more are ordered through opening weekend.

Don't Let All this Work be for Nothing!

Come stay with us! Ok, so it's a shameless plug, but we'd really love to have you this summer. For our returning guests, take an extra long weekend or midweek day off and come down for some beach time. If you've been reading our blog but haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for!?

'Til next time.

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Transforming the Herring Cove Bath Houses: Photos

After more than 50 years of service, the Herring Cove Bathhouse is transformed into an art gallery before it goes.

The old bathhouse will be torn down due to beach erosion, and to make way for a new facility.

Sometimes, there are things you just have to go see.

This art exhibit was one of them.

For decades, the Herring Cove Bathhouse has stood guard over the beach, a familiar landmark from the ocean and until recently, a shower and changing facility for beach-goers. When local artist Jay Critchley heard that the building was going to be demolished, he hatched the idea to transform each room of the old bath house into a separate art installation, all as part of Provincetown's "10 Days of Art" celebration.

Having many memories of the old Herring Cove Bathhouse in its prior form, I just had to swing by and see what Jay and his artists had done with the place. What I saw was beautiful, weird, whimsical, abstract, and most of all, awesome.

Herring Cove Bath House
Herring Cove Changing Station

Herring Cove Bath House Art
Life Guard Stands Transformed!

Herring Cove Bath House gallery
Mural on Bath House Exterior

herring cove bath house
Wasn't sure what I'd find back here...

herring cove bathhouse

herring cove bath house
Kinda freaky, but wicked cool!

10 days that shook the world
Abstract sinks

herring cove bathhouse giraffes
Are those...giraffes? 

herring cove bathhouse art gallery
Yes they are!

herring cove bathhouse art
Wall art

herring cove bathhouse art
More art in the old shower stalls 
herring cove bathhouse art
Why can't all showers look like this?

herring cove bathhouse art
herring cove bathhouse art
Beach view

herring cove bathhouse art
In the end, the sea takes all.

Want to visit Cape Cod to see more cool exhibits like this? Check out our shoulder season rates, or book your stay for next summer!

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Cape Cod for the Artists

Great Cape Cod Art Museums in Driving Distance

As a family resort on Cape Cod, all kinds of people come through our doors with a wide range of interests. Some are content to just sit by the pool or sit on the beach, while others take the kids, rent bicycles and ride all over the mid and outer Cape. Still others use the resort as a launching pad for adventures to the National Seashore or the islands. This post is for those guests that come and want to see the best art on Cape Cod!

The striking dunes, sandy beaches, scrub pines and picture book cottages of Cape Cod have inspired generations of painters, writers and other artists and the fruits of their labor are in museums and private collections all over the world; some even close to home here on Cape Cod!

Unlike a lot of other beach destinations, Cape Cod is not just a "tourist destination." There's literally over 200 years of history in each town, and many buildings and families have been fixtures here since the 1800s. A lot of culture has accumulated over the years, giving the Cape the added appeal of a big-city quality arts scene and a cutting-edge free-form art emporium (The artists of Provincetown come to mind). Routes 28 and 6A are dotted with little museums, like the Cahoon Museum in Cotuit and the Black Crow Gallery in East Sandwich. If you weren't looking for them, you'd drive right past!

Read on for our guide to the art museums of Cape Cod - from the nationally known galleries to the hidden gems.

Cape Cod Museum of Art - Dennis: Let's start with the biggest dog on the block - the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Located across town on Hope Lane, the CCMOA is home to a large collection of works from Cape Cod-based artists including Hans Hoffmann and Charles Hawthorne. The museum hosts frequent events and classes for artists of all ages and skill levels. The museum is currently home to Skid Row: Paintings of Life on the Street and other touring installations. Be sure to admire the building itself while visiting!

Provincetown Art Association and Museum - Provincetown: Heading out to the very tip of the Cape, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) is a destination for artists from all over that are on the cutting edge. Chartered in 1921, the museum hosts rotating exhibits, so be sure to check their website before making the drive out to P-Town. Recently, the museum entered into a long-term agreement with the Fine Arts Work Center of Provincetown, giving them a steady stream of fresh and innovative installations for years to come. A great place to make an annual stop off thanks to its constantly changing nature.

The Cahoon Museum of American Art - Cotuit: Housed in the Ebenezer Crocker mansion (a building older than America!), the Cahoon Museum is home to an extensive collection of folk art painted and collected by Ralph and Martha Cahoon, and a handpicked gallery of 19th and 20th century contemporary American art. The museum also hosts art classes, an innovative art and alzheimers program and produces exhibitions in partnership with the neighboring Cotuit Center for the Arts.

Heritage Museum and Gardens - Sandwich: Perhaps Cape Cod's best known museum attraction, Heritage Museum and Gardens has been a must-stop for families for generations. Situated on acres and acres of picturesque grounds with multiple exhibit halls, Heritage has something for everyone. The American Art and Carousel Gallery is one of the museum's better-known collections, with a working carousel built in 1908. We know they're not technically art, but the classic cars in Heritage's noted Classic Car Gallery absolutely should not be missed by anybody, car nut or not!

Harvest Gallery Wine Bar - Dennis: The Harvest Gallery Wine Bar - where you can see your art and drink it too! The gallery features works from 30 artists (almost all for sale) and the menu features locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, not to mention the extensive and impressive wine list. Keep an eye on their website for events once they open in April. This museum is truly one of a kind!

Left Bank Gallery - Wellfleet/Orleans: Not your typical museum (it's more of a gallery, as in, you can buy most things you see), the Left Bank Gallery is built around Cape Cod art that tells a story. Home to everything from wall art to furniture to jewelry and clothes, the Left Bank Gallery's three locations are all worth a stroll through, and a purchase here and there.

Tree's Place - Orleans: Located at the intersection of Routes 6A and 28 in Orleans, Tree's Place hosts one of the region's best collections of contemporary art, with a focus on realism, impressionism and post-modernism. Visitors to the museum will find any number of hidden gems in their collection, whether they're from well-known artists or newcomers to the scene. Adding to the variety, submissions are taken at the end of each year, so the exhibitions are different for each visit.

Cultural Center of Cape Cod - South Yarmouth: Located in the beautifully-restored Bass River Savings Bank building (the restoration of the period bank is art in itself!), the Cultural Center of Cape Cod is home to a wide array of artistic endeavors. Not a museum in the traditional sense of the word, the Cultural Center is a great place for children and adults alike to get hands-on experience with the arts, and to get up close and personal with talented cultural figures. Keep an eye on their website, as artists frequently rent out the center's three galleries for showings (one is even in the old vault!) and these can change monthly and even weekly.

Plan Your Visit!

Have we piqued your interest in Cape Cod art? Come visit us! We're conveniently located minutes from Route 28 in Dennisport, and our friendly and knowledgable staff is more than happy to point you in the right direction to see the best art Cape Cod has to offer - without driving too far. Give us a call or email us today - we'd love to have you.

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Local Eats around Dennis Cape Cod

Our favorite restaurants (that are quick and easy to get to!)

As you can probably guess, one of the questions we get asked the most here at the hotel is "Where is the best place to eat?" The short answer is that you'd have to try hard to get a bad meal here on Cape Cod; the longer answer is "How long can you stand to wait?" We figured we'd put our knowledge to good use and compile a list for our loyal guests and blog readers! We're focusing on funky and quirky local joints you might not hear about anywhere else - after all, we're here all year!

Favorite Cape Cod Breakfast and Lunch Spots

Red Cottage Restaurant, South Dennis - Oh my. What more can we say about a place that offers apples and sausages IN an omelet, hollandaise sauce on home fries and french toast foster? This little gem is locally owned and operated by the Rosenbach family and typically houses a who's who of the local hospitality industry. Sometimes - ok, frequently - you might spy our own Mark Downey grabbing a bite to eat for breakfast.

Buckies Biscotti, Dennisport - One of the newer restaurants in Dennisport (they've been around awhile, but recently moved into a new space), Buckies is a foodie paradise for baked goods and fresh breakfast and lunch sandwiches. We recommend stopping by and picking up some baked goods for the weekend when you arrive and keeping them on hand in the room for the kids or yourself. The store is at the corner of Upper County road and Route 28 - thanks to bridge work on Upper County road we recommend going the back way this summer.

Cape Cod Chat House, 6a in Dennis - Another newish restaurant in Dennis, the Chat House is fast becoming known for their great coffee and frequent planned and unplanned musical performances and showings by local artists. As an added bonus, they're open for dinner and now serve beer and wine as well. Architecture fans will delight in the circa 1853 facade of their building.

Favorite Cape Cod Local Dinner Spots

Marshside, Dennis - An old Cape Cod standby, the Marshside has been serving delicious dinners to its loyal patrons for years and years. Recently rebuilt from the floor up including the menu, the Marshside serves a New England traditional style menu in a contemporary atmosphere with some added flair. Come for the food, stay for the views and the giant cupcake off the dessert menu - although Mark would argue it's the hot berry crumble that keeps 'em coming back.

raw bar
Local and fresh

Sesuit Harbor Cafe, Dennis - A Cape outdoor classic, the Sesuit Harbor is your postcard-worthy raw bar and seafood spot in Dennis. Located dockside in Sesuit Harbor, this is a picnic table and flip-flop style place  best enjoyed after a long day on the water. Fresh and sweet oysters are the raw bar highlights, while the lobster and clam rolls are sure to satisfy even the largest appetite. Parking can be a bit tight (free and paid at the marina), so be sure to ask at our front desk just so you don't get confused. 

Favorite Cape Cod Dessert Spots

Sundae School, Dennisport - Ok, ok, so this isn't a local hangout per se, but it's too good to be left off. Winner of our guest contest last summer for their favorite ice cream spot, Sundae School has been slinging the good stuff for as long as we can remember. Be prepared to wait in line for the heavenly refreshment that waits at the end. The school does just as well with traditional ice cream flavors as off-the-wall ones you've never heard of. 

Our Guests Favorites

We asked our guests on Facebook to submit their favorite Cape Cod destinations in and around Dennis. Here's what we heard:

Kreme and Kone, West Dennis - Known for their fried clams and soft serve, the Kone is exclusively a summer treat. Enjoy the river views and classic New England seafood dishes fresh off the boat daily. Fried or broiled, all your favorites are ordered at the counter and delivered to your table. Located on Route 28, it's convenient to the hotel, especially on the way back from a day exploring the Upper Cape. The Kreme and Kone is always a hit with kids (casual) and beguiling for english teachers.

Cooke's Seafood, Hyannis - Cooke's is another Cape Cod institution when it comes to seafood. The kitchen here (and at their second location in Mashpee) do a killer job on broiled and fried seafood, especially calamari and their clam chowder. Though they're frequently awarded for their clams, those in the know go for the calamari platter. With crispy fried calamari, onion rings and french fries, this platter can serve as a table dish and a great appetizer to a cookout.

Ring Brothers, Dennisport - This one is more for the DIYers in the crowd. Submitted by loyal Corsair guest Sue Anderson Limeri, the Ring - made up of a variety of food purveyors - has some of the best produce on Cape Cod, as well as an ample selection of meats and poultry in its deli, sushi, artisan pasta, catering, desserts, a great wine selection, and more. One of their retailers is Spinners Pizza - try the loaded white Greek pizza - a house specialty! A stop here is recommended before venturing out to a picnic on the national seashore or a beach day anywhere on the mid-Cape.

BZ's Mexican Pizzeria, Dennisport - One of the more unique restaurants on Cape Cod, BZ's menu is a blend of Italian Pizzeria and Mexican-style food. It's just west of Harwich on Route 28, and for those of you that prefer to hang around the resort (we can't blame you!) they do deliver, so order in!

Krista K's Ice Cream and Candy, West Dennis - Krista K's has an extensive menu of both traditional hard and soft serve ice cream, and features a candy shop to boot! If you're celebrating your birthday with us, consider ordering one of their ice cream cakes for your celebration. Those visiting in the shoulder seasons take note - Krista's is a summertime pleasure only!

Wee Packet, Dennisport - Located less than a five minute drive from the resort, the Wee Packet serves up some of the most authentic Irish breakfast menus on Cape Cod. Not in the mood for breakfast? Fear not! The Wee Packet has full lunch and dinner service, offering traditional fried seafood, burgers and more. A casual restaurant, the Wee Packet is a great destination for families with kids. 

Clancy's Restaurant and Tavern, West Dennis - Located right on Swan River, Clancy's has an expansive seafood-inspired menu including such items as loaded seafood alfredo, baked stuffed shrimp and lobster mac-n-cheese. Be sure to linger on the porch and watch the wildlife and kayakers paddle by!

The Oyster Company, Dennis - One of the newest additions to the Dennis restaurant scene, The Oyster Company is known for their, well, oysters. Fresh and local, their renowned raw bar is sure to please any fan of the succulent bivalve. But don't let yourself be limited to the delectable oysters - the Oyster Company has some inspired dishes on their menu and killer martinis at the bar.  

Did we miss your favorites? Leave a comment here or on Facebook and we'll be sure to get it up in another food guide! Even better - come visit us and ask in person!

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The Corsair and Cross Rip Found Nemo

Photos from the Great Blizzard of 2013

We, like everyone else on Cape Cod, ended up getting hit hard by the Great Blizzard of 2013, or as the Weather Channel so strangely dubbed it, Nemo. We got spared the worst of the winds here in Dennisport, but we had a front row seat to see the ocean's wrath. Check it out:

memo cape cod
View down the beach. Cold and windy! 
nemo cape cod
Ian braved the cold, but forgot snow pants.

blizzard cape cod
Would not have wanted a first floor Corsair room today.

snow cape cod blizzard
Commodore's House. What a view it had.

cape cod blizzard
Our beach looked more like a bunny hill.

cape cod blizzard
So we might be plowed out by opening day...

cape cod blizzard
Chase Ave: Impassable

cape cod blizzard
Beach encroaching on the dunes. 
cape cod blizzard
Nope, not getting in there.

cape cod blizzard
Look at those snow drifts! 
cape cod blizzard

cape cod blizzard
"Hey, maybe we can get the hot tub going?"

cape cod blizzard
Frozen jetty. 
cape cod blizzard
Frozen birds.

cape cod blizzard

cape cod blizzard
Think spring!

Dennis Port on Dwellable

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The Renovations Continue!

Renovating our Cape Cod Resort for You!


We're waking up from our winter hibernation, shaking off the snowflakes and getting ready for our April 12th opening, which is coming up faster than we thought! Mark and Ian recently returned form their vacation to the Caribbean, Judith and Sapphire are holding down the phones (ringing off the hook, by the way! Going to be a busy summer!), all while work crews swirl around us renovating the resort buildings and the Admiral's and Mate's houses.

Yes, you read that right. The Corsair and Cross Rip is renovating, again! It's all part of our several years long plan to update the resort to keep offering you and your family the best Cape Cod vacation experience possible.

Here's a snapshot of the renovations in progress:

New Bathrooms and Kitchens in the Corsair Building 

More of the rooms in the Corsair are being updated (ocean views) with new kitchens and bathrooms complete with jacuzzi tubs! We replaced and/or added balconies and new LCD HDTVs to all Corsair rooms over the last couple years, so you could call this "Phase 2" of Corsair renovations. 

Bathrooms are mostly framed out, waiting wall board, tiling, fixtures and paint

Some are further along than others and have new tubs!

New Cross Rip Pool Fence

We know that the pools are one of the most popular features of our hotel, especially for those of you with kids! This year, we didn't make any major changes to either pool, though the Cross Rip did get a new fence and gate that's both easier to open and safer for our guest families with small children. 

Don't worry, that green goop will be gone by spring!

Resurfacing and Repainting Inside the Admiral's House, New Patio and Landscaping Mate's House

It's not just the resort buildings that got some TLC this offseason! While Mark and Ian were on vacation, the entire interior of the Admiral's house was resurfaced and repainted. Remember the carpet that covered the first floor entrance and dining area? 


In its place, we brought the original, more than 100 year old southern yellow pine hardwood back to life. Boy does this hardwood give new life back to the Admiral's house. It looks completely different.

The Mates house is in the process of getting two new patios (front and back) and updated landscaping, all new windows and some new bedroom furnishings for the spring. I know our summer returning guests will be very pleased. During the shoulder season this property hosts a wedding event each weekend.


What do you think of the new-old hardwood?

New patio and new basement stairs.

New paint and carpet in the Admiral's house


We are! It's getting closer and closer for us - in the next couple weeks we're going to be hiring our summer help, finding out who's coming back and introducing our new help, and generally going about the task of reopening the entire resort. 

We'd love to host your Cape Cod vacation in 2013. If you're not a member of our guest family already, head on over to our website to check out our rates and special packages for spring, summer and fall. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone to ask about anything, we'd love to chat!

'Til next time!

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Holiday Travel Tips from the Insiders

Avoid headaches this holiday season! Here's some travel tips from the pros.

Ahh the holidays! While we all love seeing family and friends, getting there can be a huge pain in the you know what. Those of us in the travel industry go on trips just like you do, and the same things that frustrate you frustrate us. 

However, from our years working in the business, we've gained some insight here and there, some nifty little tricks you might not think of right off the bat. We put together some of our favorites below:

1.) Reconfirm your reservations and check staff hours: This often goes unnoticed, or forgotten, by the ordinary traveler. Even at a tourist destination, the amount of staff available to assist you may be down substantially due to the holiday. Remember, we have families too! If it turns out that there is reduced availability, plan ahead and do your best to work around the reduced staffing during the holidays.

2.) Check and confirm what is open at your destination: So you've got your trip booked and planned out, ready to tackle the best your destination city has to offer. But when you get there, your favorites are closed! What happened?

Remember to call or go online and check to see what's going to be open ahead of time. Certain attractions, stores and restaurants may be closed (even in your hotel) for an extended period of time over the holidays to allow employees to spend time with their loved ones. Be prepared to compromise as some places will be open, but with reduced hours. 

The upside? You might be able to get a killer reservation you wouldn't have been able to get otherwise! I once dined with my family at a New York City restaurant without wait or reservation on Thanksgiving eve, and it ended up being one of my more memorable dinner experiences. Do be a bit more patient as your waiter might be missing time with his family! Maybe a higher tip than normal might be in order.

3.) Book the most direct route to avoid connecting disconnections: Though the direct flight might be more expensive, it is far easier than navigating two connections in hub airports just to make it home for turkey! If you can afford it, spring for the direct connection if it's available. Picking what in-flight show to watch next is much easier than calculating the time it will take you to get from gate B36 to C22 in Atlanta.

4.) Try to avoid flying at peak times: Though it might be tempting to book the most convenient flight available remember: everyone else thinks this way too! Try and book at off-peak times for your departure and return flights. It might mean an early morning or a late night, but in my mind it sure beats sitting in a security line and missing your flight!

Are we missing anything? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite holiday travel tips!

'Til next time.

Posted on 29 November 2012 | 2:24 am

Oyster Farming!

We continue our offseason tour of Cape Cod with a visit to a Quivet Neck oyster farm!

Working in the hospitality business here on Cape Cod means that we're slammed wall-to-wall from about Memorial Day through the end of September. Your vacation season is our work time - constantly booking rooms, cleaning rooms, greeting guests, saying goodbye to guests and generally keeping the hotel running. We don't get much time to go out and see our friends that work in other industries on Cape Cod, and some of them have really interesting jobs!

Some good friends of mine, Bob and Mellissa Farrell, own an oyster farm in the tidal flats near Quivet Neck, and has for some time now. Day after day and month after month, they head out to the flats on his 4x4 to check on the beds and harvest the oysters that are ready for market. It's a profession as old as Cape Cod, and actually one that is quite helpful and environmentally friendly; oysters clean and purify the water as it passes over and through them, leading to a healthier ocean. The cages are in the water virtually year-round, as oysters can take 2-3 years to reach market size. Like most of us on Cape Cod, and in New England in general, they head into storage during the ice-cold months of January and February before going back in the water in spring.

Enjoy the photos from our most recent visit to the oyster farm!

oyster farming
Cages exposed on the flats


oyster farm
Truly from farm to table!

oyster farm

quivett neck oysters

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Staff Party!

Taking a Break from Closing Up to Celebrate a Great Season

As many of you know, our hotel season officially ended on Sunday, October 14th. After the last guests left, we went to work closing up the Corsair and Cross Rip buildings for the off-season, stripping sheets from the beds and putting much of the furniture in storage. The houses are still open for functions, weddings and conferences, and we'll keep them like that for the winter.

2012 was a great year for us! The resort was busy from the day it opened until the day we closed, and we saw many new faces come stay with us as guests or work along with us as staff. 

I think a lot of what makes our resort unique is the relationships that the guests develop with our staff. They truly appreciate the hard work that the front desk, housekeeping and maintenance staffs put in, sometimes even sending them gift baskets once they go home! Every member of our staff is outgoing and engaging; they're the first people that the guests meet when they call us and the first they see when they get here, and then the last they see when they go. They truly do make the resort.

As a thank you, we hosted our annual staff party on the Cape Cod Central Railroad's Dinner Train. For most of us, this was our first time on the dinner train, and some of our staff's first time ever on a train! We enjoyed a great five-course meal as we rode the rails from Hyannis across the canal to Wareham.

Thank you to the staff for another great season, and see you all in 2013! 

And remember as Charmaine says: "It's not Yankee Swap...it's Yankee Take!!"

Cape Cod Central Railroad

I think there were two cameras going at once!

Posted on 1 November 2012 | 2:19 pm

Fee Free Old Fashioned Pricing

We Don't Charge for What Should be Free. Period.

As the travel industry continues to evolve and change, some new charges have appeared for services that used to be included. Rates for airfare, hotel stays, car rentals and cruise vacations are not what they seem anymore.  "Fees" have come into their own and are no longer incidentals on our bills. (Ironic as the hotel industry has been referring to these charges on our bills as "incidentals" for decades.)


They're everywhere! Some are obvious, like the fee for checking a bag on a flight, or or a "preferred" seat. Some are not so obvious like, paying to restock the mini bar you raided on a wild Saturday night (We're not talking about the cost of the candy bar you ate.  The restock fee is associated with the labor of someone replacing the candy bar in the fridge.) Others are sneaky and even nefarious like "convenience fees," a fee for printing your boarding pass, "incidentals" like a fee for that local phone call, a "reservation assist" fee for booking with a human being. There is even an online booking fee for not using a human being(Ok, I know we are talking about travel but don't you just want to bang your head against the wall when you buy a theater ticket and find a restoration fee tacked on the bottom! Shouldn't building improvements be included in the cost of the ticket!).Fees for a newspaper you don't even read!

But my real favorite is the "facility fee." Book a resort on the beach or in ski country and watch this charge appear on your next bill.  Who came up with the idea the rate does not include the use of resort features i.e. pools, towels etc. Why in the world would I book a resort with a pool knowing I don't have access to the pool! These fees can take a low-priced vacation, as this New York Times piece by Stephanie Rosenbloom states,  and throw your, "carefully planned vacation budget...out the window."

There are several reasons for this trend. Some are legitimate, like having to pay for expensive jet fuel (price fluctuates in the market) and the bandwidth to support multiple devices streaming video on wifi, and licensing software for enormous computerized reservation systems. Others are just blatant money grabs and ways to pad profit margins without being honest and just raising rates.

We - the independent operators - do it a little differently from the rest of the industry. At least we do, anyways.  The Corsair and Cross Rip Oceanfront Resort has been independently family owned and operated since the late '60s. We're not looking to squeeze every penny out of our guests - we're want to offer a great vacation at a great value. As a family we know what it's like to take a vacation and have your budget shot by all the extras.  We made a decision a long time ago to charge a reasonable fee for our accommodations and leave it at that.  There are no extras over and above our rates and person charges. The only thing we charge fee for is cancellations

Services we still provide for free:

Beach chairs
In-room premium channels
Local and toll free calls
Live reservations
Recreational facilities

I take pride in having one of the most easy-going resorts on Cape Cod. Ask any of our guests - most come back year after year after year after year - and you'll hear that they universally appreciate how up-front, honest and friendly the staff is. This extends to our wedding packages - we include the wedding planner free of charge, or let you use your own. As you can imagine, being in this business means I love to travel as well, and I take my experiences as a traveler to heart when I'm deciding on my rate and fee structure each spring. I'm happy to say there's no plans to change our philosophy.

So give us a shot next summer. We've got a great oceanfront location at one of the best prices you'll find for a hotel of this caliber anywhere on Cape Cod. Don't believe me? Give us a call and chat with Judith or Sapphire - they'd be more than happy to explain what the Corsair and Cross Rip is all about, and to mail you some literature describing the resort in more detail. If you join us next summer, come say hello!

Have any fee horror stories? Tell us in the comments!

'Til next time,

Mark Downey
Owner, The Corsair and Cross Rip Oceanfront Resort 

Posted on 1 October 2012 | 3:50 pm

The Staff Goes Mini Golfing

Now it's Our Turn for Fun!

As the season winds down, a lot of our seasonal workers start to pack up and head home. This is always a bittersweet time for us, as it means another summer is in the books. Though they're only here for a few months at time, a lot of our staff members become like a big extended family to us here at the Corsair and Cross Rip, so we try and send them off in the proper fashion!

If you've stayed with us before, you know we employ people from all over the world. Some of them have been coming to work with us for years, and others are new at the beginning of each season. Well, we thought it was time to get one last outing in before everyone goes their separate ways this fall. Our clients love mini golfing, and, truth be told, the owners and staff of the resort are no different! So one night last week, the entire staff went out to Pirates Cove in Yarmouth for some good old fashioned mini golfing and pizza at Carluccio's afterwards.

You will notice from the pictures one person is missing…Judith.  Someone had to mind the store and Judith was the trooper! Next event will have us all heading to Medieval Manor in Boston.  If you haven't been there you should check out their website at www.medievalmanor.com.  We'll have to wait till our last day Sunday October 14th before we can close up shop and all go on vacation for a bit.  Fun pictures to come. 

We brought our camera along. Enjoy!

Just because the season is winding down doesn't mean it's over! In fact, fall is one of the best times to come visit Cape Cod. The crowds are gone, the weather is still warm for a few more weeks and there's tons of stuff going on from Canal to Cape tip! We have some great October specials that are incredible values...a great excuse to come down and say hello! 

Dennis Port on Dwellable

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Five FALL things to do on Cape Cod

Summer Might be Over, but the Fun Rolls on here on Cape Cod!

The traditional end to summer for many people on Cape Cod is Labor Day weekend. The kids head back to school, the weather starts to turn a bit cooler in the evenings, and some of our favoriteseasonal summer spots start to close up shop. But that's not the whole story. The best kept secret (or the worst, depending on who you talk to), the fall brings with it a different feel starting with the visitors. Our shores are  filled with less families and more traveling couples, golfers and retirees enjoying the same space but in a more relaxed pace. Weekends are still busy but the weekdays are much quieter.  Days are dry in the 70's while the evenings are in the mild 60's - ideal for sleeping with the windows open. The ocean is still it's warmest through September averaging in the 70's. on Nantucket Sound.

Days are shorter too. The "golden hour" of sunsets stretches out a bit longer and there are so many truly stunning sights to be seen. Sunsets are amazing, splashing over golden sands and illuminating the warm colors of autumn. The uniquely Cape Cod shots of weathered seaside homes embraced by vibrant leafed trees are something to beholdOur restaurants also carry the color of the season with pumpkin, eggplant, oysters and cranberries finding their way from our fields to the menus local restaurants, along with harvest ales tapped in pubs and taverns all across the Cape. Festival season kicks into high gear with what seems like every town hosting a festival, each celebrating the start of fall and the bountiful harvests of land and sea.

Sesuit harbor sunset Cape Cod
Sunset over Sesuit Harbor

So give Cape Cod a shot in the fall this year! It's a lot easier to grab an ocean view room in September and October, and there are plenty of days when you can still get out there and enjoy the beach and water. (There's always our three heated pools too!) If you're thinking about joining the ranks of fall lovers here, check out these five fall things to do to make your weekend great:

1.) Hike

You might not think or know it from looking at Cape Cod, but there's a ton of variable terrain and hilly trails to explore all over the Cape. From Maple Swamp in Sandwich, to the Salt Pond Trails in Eastham,  the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp trail of Wellfleet and all the way up to the Province Lands, unique trails can be found just off the road. Most of the hikes on Cape can be completed in a couple hours or less, and are generally accessible to hikers of all abilities. These hikes are about the views and not the challenge, so bear that in mind if you're expecting a Mount Washington level adventure. 

Locally, the hike around Scargo Lake is one of our favorites, and a laid-back way to spend a morning, especially if you remember your fishing pole. Flax Pond, Crow's Pasture and the Indian Lands also offer a wide variety of trails by length, difficulty and featured sites. From the resort, these sites are a drive at least halfway across town, and all are very easily accessible.

2.) Shop

Remember all those stores you stopped by in the summer, but just window-shopped because of the price or the crowds? Well, now's the time to go in and do some serious buying! You might ask, what makes Cape Cod such good spot to shop this time of year? There's a combination of a few factors that are unique to us. 

First, the summers here are busier than most anywhere else, and many local retailers stock up on inventory for that season, and absolutely have to clear it out before the slower fall and winter months. Neighborhoods like Main Street in Hyannis, Yarmouth and Dennis are overflowing with patrons during the summer, but slow down to their natural level during the winter. Great deals can be found all over including that living room piece you had your eye on when you were down here last. The best deals - some up to 75% off - are the seasonal items the retailers don't want to hold till next year.  Adorondak Chairs, colorful flags and even stylish summer clothes are the deals to keep your eye out for. 

dennisport cape cod
Back in the day shot of Dennisport! Photo: dennisportrevitalization.org

Secondly, the off-seasons are our time off! For Cape Codders, our vacation cycle is the reverse of most, where we take very little time off during the summer, and have more downtime after Labor Day and Columbus Day. Some stores in more seasonal neighborhoods, like the Popponesset Marketplace in Mashpee, close for the winter around this time of year - get in there while you can to get some steals! 

Lastly, September and October are bridge months between the summer and fall collections. Summer items are deeply discounted so they'll move out the door before the fall items go on display, and some of the new fall pieces are discounted as well.

3.) Attend a Festival

September and October are unofficially festival season on Cape Cod. It's time to say goodbye to summer and to celebrate the arrival of the autumn harvest. There are festivals in literally every town from Bourne to Wellfleet, celebrating scallops, oysters, the fall harvest, local artists and so much more. The Bourne Scallop Festival, a three-day celebration of the Cape and South Coast's scallop fishing heritage, leads off the lineup September 21, 22 and 23 on the banks of the Cape Cod Canal in Buzzards Bay. Primarily a daytime celebration, it's a good stop for visitors from the south on their way up to the Cape, and, with transportation provided from Hyannis via the Cape Cod Central Railroad, it's also a convenient destination from the mid-Cape.  

Festival season rolls on the next week with the Barnstable County Harvest Festival (September 29 and 30) and Cape Cod Brew Fest at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds, and the Jazzfest in Downtown Falmouth all happening at the same time! We'll be doing our best to attend all three and summarizing our experiences here on the blog. The Wellfleet Oyster Festival rolls into town for two days the following weekend. This event is fast becoming one of the most popular on the Cape, and is well worth the drive up from Dennis. You won't even find it advertised like the rest - it's that popular with the locals!

We'll go in-depth on these festivals in our next blog post.

4.) Go to the Islands

For us locals, the late summer and early fall are unquestionably the best time to head over to the islands. While the summer certainly has its unquestioned charm on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, the quieter period in September and October is our favorite time to visit. The crowds are much thinner and there's more of a small town atmosphere in the restaurants and shops on both islands. Make sure to double-check the Steamship Authority and Hy-Line timetables, as some routes only run May-September. Watch for the island festivals as well. They can get busy, but are well worth the time!

5.) Hit the Beach

Seriously! Though the air might be a bit cooler than during the summer months, the water is still warm for a few weeks, and, on most sound-side beaches, matches or sometimes exceeds the air temperature, making for an exceptionally refreshing dip. The more popular beaches like Mayflower in Dennis and Craigville in Centerville fill up early in the morning during the summer months, but not so now! You can take your time getting over to the beach, stopping for breakfast or lunch along while getting away with sleeping in. Occasionally, a distant weather formation will kick the surf up at the beach, making late summer and early fall a great time to surf/bodysurf or just take the boogie board out for a day. Plus, there's just something about wearing a sweatshirt on the beach that makes it that much more fun. Most, if not all, are free to visit now!

cape cod beach resort
Our Beach!

Have we convinced you to come visit Cape Cod in the fall yet? If you still need more convincing, check out our fall specials. We get a little lonely at the resort this time of year, so we make it super-affordable for you to come visit. Our Columbus Day special is always one of our most popular packages, with movie tickets and pizza at Ardeo's included. The famed Corsair and Cross Rip cold breakfast buffet returns for the fall season, and we keep that coffee running all day!

'Til next time!

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Cape Cod Day Trip: Sandwich and Mashpe!

Take a day trip to two of the Upper Cape's Best Towns!

Enjoy Sandwich and Mashpee!

Earlier this month we wrote about a day trip to Chatham and the outer Cape. This time, we're going the opposite way and heading west and visiting the charming towns of the Upper Cape. If you're unfamiliar with Cape Cod, you probably a.) think that the Cape is just one giant town and b.) that all of Cape Cod has the same feel and vibe. Both of those couldn't be further from the truth! The Upper Cape (considered to be the towns of Bourne, Falmouth, Sandwich, Mashpee and some parts of Barnstable) has an entirely distinct, but equally enticing vibe as the outer Cape. 

So take a trip up Route 6 west with us and visit the towns of Sandwich and Mashpee!


As we state time and time again here on the blog, in order to get a lot of stuff in you gotta get up early! Given that we're oceanfront, and almost every one of our rooms has a big window view of the ocean, it shouldn't be too hard. Breakfast is up to you - grab something in the room (most of our accommodations have kitchenettes), or hit the road and stop for a sit down breakfast somewhere in Sandwich.  

We suggest getting of at Exit 4 or 3, switching to Route 6A and stopping somewhere like Momo's Food Emporium for a breakfast sandwich or an omelet. There are plenty of other little nooks along the road in East Sandwich.

1.) Since you're already up early, make it a beach day and stop by Sandy Neck Beach, considered by many to be one of the Top-10 or Top-5 beaches on Cape Cod. If you're coming from Exit 4, stay to the right and follow the road all the way to route 6A then turn left. Sandy Neck Road will come up quickly on your right. Turn onto Sandy Neck Road and follow it all the way to the gatehouse at the bottom of the road. We suggest grabbing a parking pass and setting up shop for the morning, or if you have an ORV permit, explore one of the open trails and drive right onto the beach! Sandy Neck is known for its crystal clear waters and excellent diving.
2.) Head away from the beach on Sandy Neck Road, and turn right onto Route 6A West and continue into downtown. 6A through Sandwich has some of the most stunning scenery on Cape Cod, flanked on both sides by old captain's homes, salt marshes and the occasional cranberry bog. Dotted throughout East Sandwich are large parcels of conservation land with many miles of walking trails. Murkwood and Talbot's Point are two of our favorites, with Talbot's Point offering sweeping views of Sandwich and Cape Cod Bay.

3.) Continue on Route 6A for a little over four miles until you see Discovery Hill Road on your left. Shortly after the turn, you'll come upon the Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen. This small museum has several acres of walkable grounds, classes for the little ones in the summer, and a working kitchen in which you can watch authentic homemade jams being made and canned. A gift shop contains an array of culinary wonders.


4.) Return to Route 6A and continue heading west towards the Canal. In about two miles, turn left onto Main Street and head into Sandwich's historic downtown. Many of the old homes and churches along this road look much the same as they did during the 1600s and 1700s when Sandwich was founded.

5.) After passing Jarves Street, you're in the heart of downtown. Park the car and explore! Stores like A Village Gift Shop, The Spotted Cod and The Weather Store are truly one of a kind. If you're hungry, stop in either the Belfry Inn and Bistro or the Dan'l Webster Inn for a dining experience inside stunning colonial era dining rooms. The Belfry Inn is noted for its soaring ceilings (it's in an old monastery!) and slightly adventurous menu, while the Dan'l Webster is a standout purveyor of continental cuisine.

6.) Head on over to the Sandwich Glass Museum, on the corner of Main Street and Tupper Road. For a nominal fee, you can see some of the best glassworks in the world from the 1800s through the present, watch live demonstrations, and learn the history of the glass industry on Cape Cod, once one of the largest employers here. The museum closes at 5, so be sure to get here in the afternoon.

7.) Alternatively, another option is to visit Heritage Museum and Gardens, one of the Cape's most celebrated cultural institutions. Sitting on acres of manicured botanical gardens, Heritage boasts superb collections of art and artifacts from American history, and one of the most extensive classic car collections on the Cape in their roundhouse. Through September 3, the museum is playing host to an exhibit of the works of Norman Rockwell. This museum also closes at 5:00 PM, except on Wednesdays when its open until 8:00 PM. The museum is located about a mile down Grove Street, which is the funky left hand turn out of Sandwich Center. If you're traveling with children, be sure to check out their "Hidden Hollow" area, where kids can explore the wonder of nature at one of Cape Cod's most well-maintained garden.


8.) Return to downtown and turn right onto Main Street, then right again onto Water Street (Route 130). Continue on Route 130 for 8.5 miles until you come to a traffic light, and turn right onto Great Neck Road North. At the Mashpee rotary, exit onto Route 28 North and then turn into Mashpee Commons for some shopping the whole family will enjoy. You can't miss it!

Mashpee Commons is very walkable! Source

9.) At the Commons there is a nice mix of unique local and national shops. Be sure to stop in the Cape Kaleidoscopes store and take a look at their beautiful handmade kaleidoscopes. Families with dogs will delight in the array of unique dog treats and items at Hot Diggity, and foodies will love the unusual gourmet flavors at Gustare Olive Oils.

10.) No trip to Mashpee Commons is complete without a stop at Cupcake Charlie's! Grab a couple cupcakes and sit and eat, or take a bunch for eating back at the hotel (make sure to save some for the Corsair staff!). The peanut butter pleasure and Oreo delight flavors are to die for!

11.) After you've filled up on cupcakes, it's time for dinner in Hyannis! Saddle up and take 28 south from the rotary all the way to West Main Street in Hyannis. Follow this road to the rotary, turn onto North Street and park in the giant lot behind Alberto's. We suggest calling ahead for reservations. Alberto's is one of our favorites, with a menu chock-full of old world Italian dishes. If there is time Ben & Jerry's ice cream is right next door, or, just down the street is Colombo's Café with dessert window that includes home made baked goods (try the lobster cream pugg) and gelato!

12.) If you've followed our itinerary, you should be exhausted by this point! Main Street in Hyannis is a great place to people watch, shop, or just sit on the town green and relax. From here, it's about a 20 minute ride on Route 28 back to the resort if you feel like calling it a night.  

That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap for our Sandwich/Mashpee day trip! What did you think? Please leave us a comment - if we left off your favorite attraction we'll do our best to work it into a future blog post.

As you can probably tell from the blog, we love Cape Cod! If you're planning on taking a vacation down here, please consider staying with us. We're a family owned and family-oriented resort, and we'd love to host yours! Take a look at our room options (we have a lot) and our specials (even more), and if you like what you see, give us a call.

Till next time!

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Cape Cod Day Trip: Chatham and the Outer Cape

Visiting Cape Cod with the Family? We have some ideas for you!

This is the first in a new series of day trip themed blog posts

As anyone who works in the hospitality industry on Cape Cod can tell you, people are always asking for things to do. The trouble is (shameless Cape Cod tourism plug here) - there's just so many good things to do! 

Long story short, we're starting an occasional Cape Cod Day Trip series. In each post, we'll suggest a day trip in a different region or town on Cape Cod. These posts are based on our years of living, working and vacationing on the Cape. Who knows, maybe we'll let a guest write one!  

This is the first post in the series - Chatham and the Outer Cape!

Starting Out

As anyone who's vacationed here can tell you, the key to stuffing as many activities as possible into one day is to wake up early! So Step 1: Wake up early and hit the road! We suggest doing breakfast one of two ways - eat something light and quick before heading out, or stop for a late breakfast once you get to Chatham - may we recommend Celestino's Cafe and Bakery.

1.) Take Route 28 to Main Street in Chatham Village. You're going to want to head straight though the funky rotary/intersection (you'll know it when you see it!) to get to the free parking and walkable portion of downtown. Great unique boutiques and shops line the street, be sure to stop in and buy something! Carmine's is a great spot to grab a quick slice of pizza, and just up the road the Chatham Squire is an old Cape Cod standby.

2.) Continue down Main Street to Shore Road and take a right to head south. You'll come upon Chatham Light, a beautiful 1877 working lighthouse. The light is on 24 hours a day and it's still an active Coast Guard station, so take in this piece of living history! Across the street is Lighthouse Beach - always a good choice for the beachgoers in the family. Tours are offered every Wednesday from 1 PM to 3:30 PM by the Coast Guard.

chatham lighthouse cape cod
Chatham Light. Source: www.tripdavisor.com

3.) Turn around and head north on Shore Road past the Chatham Bars Inn and Beach Facilities. The views from the resort are stunning - be sure to look for the harbor seals sunning themselves or looking for fish. Keep an eye out for the great white sharks!

Speaking of fish, head a little further north to the Chatham Fish Pier to watch fish being unloaded from the day boats. You can buy the fresh fish at the on-site market, and don't miss some of the freshest fried clams on Cape Cod!


1.) Continue on Route 28 until you can turn right onto Route 6 east, and follow it all the way to Eastham. At the first set of lights in town, turn right into the parking lot of the Salt Pond Visitor Center for the National Seashore. The visitor center houses a museum with displays on the ecology and history of Cape Cod, a movie theatre screening environmentally themed movies, park rangers, tour guides, brochures on Cape Cod and a small gift shop. 

Take a minute to poke around the exhibits in the building, and do not miss the self guided tour through the woods, the salt ponds and all the way out to the beach! Guided tours are available for a nominal fee. If you're traveling with kids, play parking lot bingo and see how many different state license plates you can find! 

2.) Turn right out of the parking lot and head down to Coast Guard Light and beach. For surfers and wave seekers, this is one of the best spots on the Cape to grab some action. In the summer months there is a $20 fee to park and use the beach facilities. There are shuttles available from other area parking lots.

3.) Once you've had your fill of sun, sand and sea, head back to Route 6 and continue heading east to Wellfleet. Turn right at Marconi Beach and head towards the overlook station. Stay left at the fork and pull up to the Marconi overlook station. This is the original location of the first telecommunication between the United States and Europe. You'll be able to see the platforms and artifacts that once housed the cable that was key to operating the four wireless transmission towers that allowed for instantaneous communications with another continent. 
marconi beach
Marconi Beach - Source: www.capecodbeachchair.com

Out of the back right hand side of the parking lot is the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp trail (you'll be facing away from the beach). The path is a 20-30 minute long shaded loop through one of Cape Cod's most beautiful ecosystems, taking you directly across the marshlands.

4.) Head back towards Route 6 and continue heading east (at this point, north) towards Highland Light Road (a right hand turn) in Truro. Here you'll want to stop and visit Highland Light, the oldest lighthouse on Cape Cod and one of the few at which you can climb the tower to enjoy the stunning views from its peak. 

For the wine lovers, if you continue north on Route 6 you'll pass Truro Winery and Vineyards. Stop by and take the tasting tour, and don't forget to grab a couple bottles on your way out!

Late Afternoon

1.) Continue heading north on Route 6. On your left you'll pass the Days Cottages on the bayside of Cape Cod. Each cottage is known by its floral name. Shortly thereafter you'll be passing through the dunes on your way to the Province Lands. The dunes are truly a stunningly beautiful and alien landscape at the same time - there's nowhere else in the world like it and this is one of our favorite stretches of road on Cape Cod. Sadly, you can't walk the dunes anymore, but there are car tours available.

2.) After a few more minutes of driving, you've literally reached the end of the road! Outside of a short stretch of Route 6 out to Race Point, you've come to the end of the line on Cape Cod. While in Provincetown, don't miss out on a chance to take Art's Dune Tours out to the dunes you passed on the way in. Art's is the only company licensed to drive the dunes, and the ride does not disappoint. The tours leave from the corner of Bradford and Commercial Street. Don't miss out on the great art galleries, shops and restaurants along Commercial Street.

provincetown cape cod
Downtown P-Town! 

3.) End your trip with a drive out to the very tip of the Cape at Race Point. Head up to the visitor's center for some tremendous views of Cape Cod and the open ocean. The Old Harbor Life Saving Station, standing since 1897, is now a memorial to all the ship wrecked lives it saved until it was decommissioned in 1944. 

Well folks, that's it for the Chatham and Outer Cape Cod day trip! 

We'd love to hear what you thought. Leave a comment with any extra suggestions, tips or disagreements and we'll chat! 

If you're interested in coming to Cape Cod, definitely check out our specials page! Most of our summer packages include tickets to attractions listed here, and we can make any arrangements you need for your road trip. Our resort specializes in handling larger families, so have no fear if there's a gaggle of young ones coming along. 

Til next time!

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Best Fishing Spots in Dennis

Our Guide to the Best Fishing Spots In Dennis!

It's time to take a trip down to the waterfront and spend some quality time with a fishing pole.

Perhaps it's because we're positioned on a private beach between two jetties, but we spend a lot of time thinking about fishing. In the offseason, you may even find some of the staff shore casting off the jetties (shh! Don't tell Mark!). Our guests are no different - we get questions all the time like "Can we fish off the jetties?" and "Where are the best spots to go fishing?" So what did we do? We wrote a blog about it!

Dennis and Dennisport are great spots for shore casting, probably the easiest and most convenient method if you're staying with us or at one of the other hotels in town. While we're more than happy to help you set up a charter or party boat, this blog is more focused on spots you can access by car, foot, or a quick paddle.

Herring River Jetty - 

Herring River is just a bit up Chase Ave from the Corsair and Cross Rip, and is well worth the brief walk (5 minutes) or even briefer car ride from the resort. Parking can be tight, so we'd suggest walking or taking bikes if you're not carrying too much gear. The jetty on the West Side (closer to Dennisport) extends a bit further out, and is the side we prefer. Try your luck with some sand eels.

Corporation Beach / Sesuit Harbor area - 

If you want to venture over to the bay side of Dennis, the area from Corporation Beach to Sesuit Harbor is a good area to spend a day with rod and reel. The extreme tides on this side of the Cape make for some great fishing - occasionally the stripers will hide in the funky and unpredictable formations the sandbars leave when the tide runs out. Sand eels work well here too. Sesuit Harbor has a sizable charter fleet, worth a hire if you're looking to spend a half or full day on the water with friends. You'll find the fish closer to shore in the spring when the waters are cool and further out in the fall when the shore area is warmer.

Bass River - 

Ok, so this spot is not 100% Dennis as the river separates Yarmouth and Dennis, but it is one of the better known spots on Cape Cod. If you're bringing a boat, definitely put in anywhere along the river and enjoy a great day of fishing. The Bass River Bridge is a great spot, with stripers, fluke, and bluefish  frequenting the area. The Yarmouth side has a fishing pier just off Route 28 to your left (if coming from Dennis).  Drive by late at night and you'll find the true fisherman with their lines in the water and cars on the bridge.

Scargo Lake - 

Scargo Lake is quietly one of the best places for freshwater fishing on Cape Cod, and probably the best pond fishing available. A natural kettle hole pond, it's deeper than you'd expect (up to 48 feet), extremely clear and stocked with trout every spring. You can bring canoes, rowboats and small craft on the lake (7.5 horsepower limit) to get at the deeper water. Scargo normally yields rainbow, brook and brown trout and smallmouth bass. If you're staying with us, take advantage of one of our packages offering a meal at the nearby Scargo Cafe to make a day out of it. Next to you catching it Scargo is as fresh as you can get!

We're probably forgetting some, so feel free to add them in the comments! As always, if you're a guest of ours, the front desk staff is happy to help point you where you want to go or make a recommendation on a charter/party boat.

Be sure to check out our fall specials - who knows, one may lead you right to that last weekend of fishing on Cape Cod!

Posted on 4 September 2012 | 6:30 pm

Cape Cod Grilling Fun: Pizza on the Grill!

Make your Cape Cod Vacation Delicious: Pizza on the Grill in 25 minutes

Ever see those stainless steel grills outside of the Corsair and Cross Rip buildings and wanted to do something different from the standard burgers, hot dogs and steak? Well now you can! We are here to help. 

We're starting a semi-regular cooking feature on the blog, showcasing some inexpensive, quick and tasty dishes you can make on the grill - because that's what summer cooking is all about. Grills poolside and on the decks along with refrigerators in almost every room leaves you ample space to store food and convenient locations to grill your favorite dish.

For our first recipe, we're going to do something that many of you probably have not heard of, or thought of doing: pizza on the grill! It's a quick and easy way to get the whole family involved in cooking. Make it a family event - the kids will love picking out the toppings and rolling out the dough.

Here's a step-by-step guide for pizza on the grill. 

For the example, we did a bourbon-marinated steak and red pepper pizza, using barbecue sauce as a base instead of red sauce. Experiment with whatever base you like - we've also made pizzas with traditional red sauce, pesto, and white pizzas on the grill, and they all come out delicious.


Head out to the nearest supermarket or food store to gather the ingredients. Pizza is a great canvas on which you can apply virtually anything you like, but there are a few basics you will need to pick up:

- Pizza dough (whole wheat or regular)
- Sauce (tomato or barbecue)
- Cheese (feta)
- Flour
- Toppings (1/2 lb marinated beef tips and jarred roasted red peppers)
- Garnish (cilantro)

Equipment (we have all of these items)

- Hot grill (medium high heat)
- Round pizza pan
- Pizza cutter
- Rolling pin
- Cooking spray

pizza ingredients
We also added some cilantro for garnish.

Step 1:

Flour your pizza pan and generously spread flour on your pizza dough. Roll out the dough and gently place it in the pan. The thinner the pizza the faster it cooks, and given the high temperature of the grill, we suggest making your pizza as thin as possible so the bottom will not burn as it cooks.

pizza dough
It doesn't have to be perfect, just close!

Step 2:

Grill your proteins and vegetables that take a long time to cook properly. Pre-cooking these items to about 85% completion will greatly cut down on the chance the dough ends up burned. We wanted our steak tips done medium, so we cooked them until medium rare, removed them from the heat and let them rest. Keep the grill on and the cover closed while you go on to Step 3. We used medium-high heat on our gas grills.

Yes, we had a lot of fun writing this post!

Step 3:

Apply sauce and toppings to your pizza dough. Here's where you can get creative with your pizza! Have fun with this, but remember thin-crust works the best on the grill, as it cooks the quickest.

Since out steak was already marinated, we spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce on our pizza dough to prevent barbecue overload.

Hungry yet?

Step 4:

Gently slide your pizza onto the grill.

pizza on grill

Close the cover and let the pizza cook for about 6-8 minutes, turning once and checking occasionally to make sure the pizza isn't coming out burnt. It shouldn't take any more than 10 minutes to fully cook the pizza - ours took 8 almost on the nose.

Step 5:

Garnish and enjoy!

If you've visiting us and want to give it a shot, we have a pizza dish that we lend out to our guests and all the grill tools you'll need, so you just have to bring the ingredients! Grilling is a great way to keep the family happy - the kids can stay in the pool while the parents get dinner ready. Cooking is a great way to save money on vacation - for $15 you can feed a family of four, something that's nearly impossible to do eating out.

As usual, if you're coming to vacation on Cape Cod, check us out online and give us a call! We still have some availability over Labor Day weekend, always one of our most popular packages.

'Til next time...think fresh fish on the grill!

Posted on 15 August 2012 | 8:06 pm

"I Remember When..."

We've put together a nostalgia page for those that would like to go back in time.  Send us your pictures and stories to add to this compilation.

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